Calling all Seniors!!!

I’m going to be scheduling senior portraits during the months of March and April, so if you are a senior and want your senior portraits, call now.

Here is a quick rundown of the details:
Cost: $200.00
This includes: An afternoon of shooting, 4 outfit changes, cd for viewing images, $125.00 credit upon ordering your portraits
How soon do I need to book? About 2-3 weeks in advance
How long does it take from the time that we shoot to see my images? I will first blog some of my favorites from our session, then you will receive a cd for viewing about 2 weeks later
If I make a print order, how long does it take to get them in? Up to 2 weeks
What do I wear? I say go all out!!!I love fun colors and of course a little black, fur, feathers, jewelry, hats, scarves, high heals, boots and bling!
What else do I bring? Bring anything personal that says YOU.
When do I pay? You pay 1/2 when you book and 1/2 when we shoot.
Will we do a cap and gown photo? Only if you bring your cap and gown No backdrops here though, we shoot outdoors!
What time do we start shooting? Usually around 3:00.
How long will it last? Usually 1 1/2 -2 horus depending on how much fun we’re having!
Where will we meet? I like to photograph you in your element. If you have anywhere in mind, that’s great, if not, don’t worry I’ve got a plan.

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments, and I’ll answer them there!

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